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Extended Unit Converter

After constantly using a calculator to convert between Ether units i thought it would be a good idea to implement the EthereumJS-Units Project on a website for easy accesability. For clarity reasons there is a simple and full converter page, since the majority wouldn't bother for any other units than Ether, Gwei and Wei. This project is using the BigNumber library and the EthereumJS-Units Project.

Wei (factor: 0)
Kwei / Babbage / Femtoether (factor: 3)
Mwei / Lovelace / Picoether (factor: 6)
Gwei / Shannon / Nanoether / Nano (factor: 9)
Szabo / Microether/ Micro (factor: 12)
Finney / Milliether / Milli (factor: 15)
Ether (factor: 18)
Kether / Grand (factor: 21)
Mether (factor: 24)
Gether (factor: 27)
Tether (factor: 30)